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History of Sutcliffe Farms

     In 1938-1939 logging and mining entrepreneurs Frank Staples and his brother Roy decided to take their try at farming. With permission from the Canadian government the brothers began to dyke a portion of the Creston flats, approximately 7500 acres. The arrangement was that after the brothers were able to keep the flats clear of flooding for 2 years the land would become theirs.


     They presold most of the land to pay for the dyke, a risky move, and kept roughly 1000 acres for themselves. After years of arduous work the brothers were successful. Frank then farmed his portion of the land growing grain, gladiolas, strawberries and hay. After a time Frank’s daughter Marion Staples inherited the land that would become Sutcliffe farms. Marion married Art Sutcliffe in 1946 and together the couple began farming.


     Art experimented with many crops figuring out what the valley was best suited for. He tried cattle, grain, hay, corn amongst others. Eventually Art planted a small 5 acre plot of asparagus and it took. It took so well that the asparagus was used as a spring cash crop to pay the wages and materials for the crops harvested in the fall. Over the next ten years Art expanded the asparagus crop to 30 acres.


     In 1973 Art’s 19 year old son Doug Sutcliffe, while in the middle of a degree in agriculture at Olds college, bought the 135 acres cattle farm adjacent to his father Art’s farm. After 2 years Doug sold off all the cattle and began growing grain. Doug and his father eventually began farming asparagus together. Over time Doug converted his grain fields into asparagus. Doug constantly rotated the farm from asparagus to grain.


    In 1994, 24 years after their first meeting, Doug married Dianne MacDonald. Two years later, in 1996, Art semi-retired and started working for his son Doug. Art worked with Doug until his passing in 2000. Doug his wife Dianne and 3 boys Kenton, Connor and Brett now run the Sutcliffe farms. Asparagus is the top crop but they also grow canola for oil, alfalfa grass hay, timothy hay for compression for export to japan and sweet corn.

1252 Indian RD, Creston BC  •  1-250-428-2734

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